Multifunctional thermal imaging device TIR-M50XC Caiman X-CORE




TIR-M50XC Caiman X-Core
The new multifunctional thermal imaging device TIR-M50 Caiman X-Core is the current high-end solution from NITEHOG. Equipped with the in-house image processing module X-Core and higher resolution of 640x480 with 17 μm pitch, the user gets a high-quality optics.

The housing is milled from the full magnesium block and filled with nitrogen. The device also has a 4x digital magnification and a stadiametric distance measuring function.

The quality promise is a 5 year factory guarantee.

The device is supplied with the NITEHOG Video Connect System and with a battery pack for a continuous service life of up to 6 hours.

With the optional clamp adapter, it is possible to use the device as an attachment, if permitted by law in the area of application.

handheld or clip-on

1 x optical and 4 x digital zoom

color display / colored image

stadiametric distance measurement

selectable image optimizations

Video Connect System included
Standby Function

Legal Notice !
Always check the legal situation in the area where you want to use the CAIMAN mounted on a riflescope !

Technical Details

Resolution 640 x 480 Pixel
17 μm Pixel Pitch
Focal length 50 mm
Zoom 1 x optical / 4 x digital Zoom
Image memory 20 Pictures intern
Power  Battery Pack or optional CR123
Operating Time apx. 4 h depending on the battery typ
Warranty 5 years