Multifunctional thermal imaging device TIR-M35 SK




Multifunctional thermal imaging device with target function. The nitrogen-filled Nitehog TIR-M 35 SK is milled from a magnesium ingot CNC and equipped with in-house manufactured, high-quality germanium lenses. It can be used as a hand-held monocular and as an adapter (auxiliary device). The optional clamp adapter makes it possible to quickly and easily adjust the device to your binoculars, video camera or a photo camera.
The TIR-M35 SK also offers the possibility for application as a target device with different fixing options and without primary optics.
Hand held or to be adjusted in front
1 x optical and 4 x digital zoom
Weather-dependent image optimisation
Different fixing (mounting) options
Standby function
Snapshot function
W-LAN ready
Obligation to comply with § 35 of the Arms Law
The use of this device (appliance) is subject to approval in Germany according to the Arms Law. A levy therefore only applies to holders of a special permit pursuant to § 40 of the Arms Law or to authorities exempted by the Arms Law.

Technical Data

Resolution 384 x 288 Pixel
Focal length 35 mm
Zoom 1 x optical / 4 x digital zoom
Memory 150 images internal memory
Power supply 2x CR 115A, 2x RCR 115, 2x 16650
Operating time approx. 3 hours