Night vision device NIR-S3




Best optical performance, functional design and robust construction. Besides its aluminum housing and lenses with antireflective coating, the nitrogen-filled Nitehog NIR-S3 offers due to its construction also the possibility of shooting in motion. The detection range is at a maximum of 1,200 m and allows shot ranges up to a maximum of 200 m. The device comes with a black/white display.
3 x optical zoom
Antireflective coating
Shooting distance approx. 200 m
Maximum coverage area 1,200 m
Obligation to comply with § 35 of the Arms Law
The use of this device (appliance) is subject to approval in Germany according to the Arms Law. A levy therefore only applies to holders of a special permit pursuant to § 40 of the Arms Law or to authorities exempted by the Arms Law.

Technical Data

Zoom 3 x optical zoom
Power supply 1 x AA lithium battery
Operating time approx. 8 hours