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FAQ – Frequently asked questions
Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions

I bought a device from your company. How long is the warranty on this product?

We give you 5 years warranty.

I want to send you my device for repair

You have found a defect or warranty claim, so please use our reclamation system. After the first check we will decide if you need to return the device to us or not. With the notification of the complaint case, you will receive an email with a link through which you can trace the status around the clock. We ask you to refrain from questions by calling us.

Who can help me with problems related to the device operation?

Please contact your local sales or service point, our dealers will help you immediately.

Is it allowed to carry the device with the unscrewed clamping mechanism?

Please check your local legal requirements and law.

Is the device usable during the daytime as well?

Yes, you can also search for or watch wild animals as the sensor responds to the radiated heat.

Is it possible to use single-use CR123 batteries in the device?

Yes, but you must keep the “sun” button pressed until the unit is switched on. Keep in mind that single-use batteries have a shorter runtime than our optional Battery Extender.

My device switches off, when it is hanging down on the strap ?

Yes, that is normal. You have activated the StandBy mode. This turns the unit off as soon as you do not use it. When you lift the unit up, it will automatically turn on again.

When it rains the picture looks dull?

Please use the weather-dependent image optimization in the menu of the device and select according to the weather the appropriate mode.

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